Pre-Built Project Blueprints

Effective IT governance helps to standardise how projects operate, what tools are used and how environments are designed, especially production. We are fortunate to have our own award winning experts with years of experience in building platforms & services. They have worked for the most demanding customers in areas such as Financial Services and Government and have taken those experiences and designed a set of best practice Blueprints.

These Blueprints describe different types of platforms & services for organisations that require different levels of security controls, separation for regulatory reasons, scaleability, availability and reliability. Our customers can adapt these blueprints for their own purposes, or we can adapt them on their behalf, saving everyone from starting from scratch.

Traditionally, there’s been significant waste in projects re-inventing the wheel, often with the best intensions of making improvements. But does this approach deliver tangible business benefit? A Customer’s IT governance must decide the answer to that question, but in our experience having a templated, blueprint approach can massively improve productivity!

Our pre-defined Blueprints for projects and production work out of the box and are fully flexible so they can be tailored to your exact needs. You don’t need legions of engineers in DevOps, use our Service Catalogue and Change Manager for c90% of what you need. If you need customisations, you can use our engineers or we’ll teach yours how to do it.

We are adding to our blueprints constantly, but here’s a sample:

  • Cloud native or physical networks
  • Virtual or physical servers
  • Standardised security controls
  • Cloud native or physical components, such as databases, message queues, caches, file & object stores
  • Open source version Kubernetes Clusters
  • Auto scaling and healing
  • Service Meshes
  • Access controls
  • Logging and Audit
  • Management and Monitoring

Example Blueprints


K8s Clusters


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