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Cloud Cost Management Built In

One of the major issues with other cloud cost management tools is they separate from your management and deployment tools. You rely on tags or other metadata being added by engineers to gather data for your reports.

With ePaaS cloud cost management is built into the tool. This allows us to accurately understand what has been deployed without relying on engineers or developers remembering to add that metadata.

Knowing what's been deployed, when, by who and for which project also allows you to create complex relationships between resources so you get a much more accurate picture of who's spending what, and where.
ePaaS Dashboard showing costs and recent deployments

One Cost Management Tool, Multiple Cloud Providers

ePaaS is able to support multiple cloud providers, including the major 3; Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud. This means whether you're using one of these providers or a mixture, you'll always have an accurate picture of your cloud costs.

Because ePaaS knows what's been deployed it can also compare the cost of these resources across all supported cloud providers. Ever wondered which cloud provider provides the best value for you? Wonder no more!
Example screen from ePaaS Cost Manager showing cloud provider cost summary

Manage The Cost of Shared Assets

By using ePaaS' Cost Builder™, it's possible to share resources and assets across multiple projects, departments, cost centres and correctly and accurately apportion cost to each of these based on their usage and requirements.

No more arguments between cost centre managers over whose responsible for which costs.

Creating Profit Centres from Cost Centres

Centralising the management of your platform and IT has many benefits, but the question is always "who pays for this?".

By using ePaaS and it's cost management features, you can create centralised services that are able to acurately understand how the platform and services are being used, and by whom.

Finally, we have the answer to the question.
Detailed Cost reports in ePaaS for Cloud Accounts

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