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ePaaS.io provides Enterprise Management for your container workloads, Kubernetes and Cloud native environments

ePaaS Director

Control Plane Manages:

  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Kubernetes Clusters
  • Services & Components
  • Applications

Cost Management

  • Understand Cost of Deployed Assets
  • Aportion Costs of Shared Assets
  • Compare Costs of Different Providers
  • Cross Charge Cost Centres

Key Features:

  • Run in your own cloud account, datacentre or our hosted version
  • Easy to Use Web GUI
  • Multiple Organisations
  • User Management
  • Enterprise Asset View & Monitoring
  • Roll out, Update and Remove Assets
  • Change and Version Management
  • Dependency Management
  • Cost Management & Budgeting

Managing Costs

Quickly view total running costs of your IT estate
Filter costs by cloud provider, project, asset type and more
Build your own cost model for bare metal using the ePaaS Cost Builder
Generate and export cost reports
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Example screen from ePaaS Cost Manager showing cloud provider cost summary
Example screen from ePaaS showing management of cloud provider accounts

Manage Cloud Provider Accounts

Manage multiple accounts for each cloud provider
Control access to each account
Users no longer require direct access to underlying cloud providers

User Management

Simply manage which users have access to which projects
Build your own roles for fine grained access control to functionality
Use mult-tenant capabilities for complete isolation of project assets
Example screen from ePaaS showing user management

ePaaS Catalogue

Asset Management Automation:

  • Databases

  • Messaging

  • Storage

  • ePaaS Kubernetes Platform
  • Cloud Provider Kubernetes Clusters

  • Your Cloud Applications

  • Your Legacy Applications

  • Project Tools

  • Application Components

IT Governance

  • Build & Enforce Architectural & Design Blueprints
  • Standardisation
  • Understand and Control Costs

Flexible & Configurable

  • Create Your Own Deployable Assets
  • Use Our Pre-Defined Assets
  • Mix & Match Custom Assets with Pre-Defined Assets

Deploying Applications, It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Select the cluster you want to deploy into 
ePaaS screen to select the cluster to deploy into
2. Choose the application you want to deploy
ePaaS screen to select the application you want to deploy
3. Give your application a name and deploy
ePaaS screen to name and deploy your application
...there's a better way!
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ePaaS Platform

Vendor Neutral Kubernetes Platform

  • Runs in AWS | Azure | Google | Bare Metal
  • Consistent Kubernetes Version Across all Providers
  • Auto Scaling & Auto Healing
  • Service Mesh
  • Dedicated or Shared Clusters
  • Granular Access Controls

  • Built Using Automation

  • Suitable for Dev / Test or Production

Diagram showing all of the parts contained in the ePaaS Platform with customers just focusing on their applications

The ePaaS Platform can be quickly deployed through the pre-built blueprints that are bundled with ePaaS.io. You can have a consistent, performant, secure Kubernetes platform running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud and your own datacentre in as little as 30 mins!

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Pre-Built Automation

Project Blueprints delivered using automation, allowing for whole production ready environments to be built, updated or torn back down in minutes.
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DevOps as a Service

Flexible & secure development, test and production environments, tools, pipelines and common services, ready to be configured to your exact requirements.
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Cloud Support Services

Remote working is much more efficient than on site and we’re only a video call away. Proven over the last 3 years and essential in these challenging times.
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Your Platform as a Service

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Enterprise Management for your container workloads, Kubernetes and Cloud native environments