Cloud Support Services

Expert Cloud engineers are a rarity, especially ones with significant, high-quality production-grade experience. Fortunately our award-winning and accredited staff are available to help you in the most flexible way that suits you best: so you only ever pay for what you need.

Consultancy, customisation, configuration, management, monitoring and support, all available as a service, so you can solve complex problems in:

  • Your Own Datacentres
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • Others? Yes. Please just ask.

Our Cloud support service provides whole lifecycle support helping organisations with existing Cloud infrastructure, a hybrid strategy or those just about to take their first steps in to the cloud. We provide product support, service support, technical consultancy, transition management and project management for your Cloud or hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud vendors do a great job of providing a kit of parts (IaaS) so you can build what you need. But this is not immediately useful for organisations needing to support projects or provide production grade environments.

When organisations first start looking at the Cloud many things look fairly easy to do. Creating some servers in the Cloud for example can be done in a few minutes by using the vendor console. Unfortunately, this is a world away from what’s required to build secure, highly available, reliable and cost effective production environments.

So how do organisations ensure they:

  • Design, Implement and Manage highly secure environments
  • Minimise the risk of being compromised by increasingly sophisticated hackers and vulnerability to ransomware and data breaches
  • Maintain high availability and reliability
  • Keep costs to a minimum by scaling up and down, depending on demand
  • Have consistency across all environments including development, test and production
  • Guard against the next generation of vendor lock-in, the Cloud vendors themselves!
  • Provide an identical platform for projects, no matter what Cloud vendor you use or even your own bare metal datacentres
  • Write their applications and services once, but deploy them anywhere

Traditionally to solve all the above would require the help from hard to find and expensive experts that would come and work with you on-site. But now there is another faster, better and cheaper way.

Use our award-winning experts with years of experience in building platforms for the most demanding clients in areas such as Financial Services and Government. Our experts are available to you as a service. Call on us when you need us, or have us build, maintain and manage your Cloud environments.

So, if you want to focus on the business value of a project or product and not your Cloud infrastructure, you may want to get in contact. Here’s a selection of our services:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Application Migrations
  • Infrastructure and Application Monitoring
  • Centralised Logging and Alerting
  • Cloud or Physical Networks
  • VPNs
  • Server Image Builds
  • Version Management
  • Docker Container Management
  • Kubernetes, Building and Managing Clusters
  • Service Meshes (Istio)
  • Secrets Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Management
  • Security Testing
  • Auto Scaling and Healing
  • Systems Backups
  • Environment Backups and Restores

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Cloud Support Services

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