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The Challenges of Cloud

The majority of our customers have opted for a Hybrid-Cloud strategy or have already moved 100% to Cloud. Those organisations who are on the journey to Cloud are realising that it’s not easy to adapt and treating Cloud in the same way as traditional datacentres can lead to many expensive mistakes.

Cloud, initially, looks fairly straight forward. Creating a few servers using a Cloud vendor console can be done in a few minutes once you are familiar with it. Unfortunately this is a world away from what’s required to build secure, highly available, reliable and cost effective production like environments.

Cloud vendors do a great job of providing a kit of parts (IaaS) so you can build what you need. But this is not immediately useful for organisations needing to support projects or provide production environments.

So how do organisations ensure they:

  • Design, Implement and Manage secure environments that minimise the risk of being compromised by increasingly sophisticated hackers and vulnerability to ransomware and data breaches.
  • Maintain high availability and reliability
  • Keep costs to a minimum by scaling up and down, depending on demand
  • Have consistency across all environments including development, test and production
  • Guard against the next generation of vendor lock-in, the Cloud vendors themselves!
  • Provide an identical platform for projects, no matter what Cloud vendor you use or even your own bare metal datacentres.
  • Enable them to write your applications and services once, but deploy them anywhere

All the above require the help from hard to find and expensive experts, even for modest sized organisations, but there is another way.

Pre-Built Project Blueprints

Flexible & secure development, test and production environments, tools, pipelines and common services, ready to be configured to your exact requirements.
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Pre-Built Automation

Project Blueprints delivered using automation, allowing for whole production ready environments to be built, updated or torn back down in minutes.
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DevOps as a Service

Experienced expert engineers are a rarity, so only pay for what you need. Consultancy, customisation, configuration and support, all available as a service.
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Cloud Support Services

Remote working is much more efficient than on site and we’re only a video call away. Proven over the last 3 years and essential in these challenging times.
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