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Cloud Adoption Issues

Four common challenges to Hybrid Cloud adoption*

Managing Costs – a different approach is used for public cloud rather than own datacentre. Cloud is an on demand model, where datacentres tend to be relatively fixed cost. Hybrid cost management needs to consider not only both fixed and variable cost elements but also which Cloud provider or datacentre is the most cost effective for each application.

Security – public cloud security is implemented different than traditional own the datacentre model. Organisations need to ensure that they can translate their security model to Cloud and this takes different skills and experience to do reliably.

Compliance –regulatory compliance for sensitive business data is another challenge to the enterprise, with Cloud having a different approach. Ensuring compliance and auditing is appropriate and effective across Cloud and datacentres, in different regions and be very labour intensive and again requires different skills to those used to traditional datacentres.

Governance – enterprise IT tends to be based on gates, designed to provide oversight and direction. The goal of governance is to foster standardization and improve quality, yet it also tends to slow down the development process. Using public cloud, the governance process is completely different, with an agile iterative approach with the ability to adapt quickly when required. Creating a balance between the two approach can only be achieved with experience.


Issues Across the Hybrid IT Estate

  • Many organisations are struggling take advantage of Cloud Computing due to a skills shortage, cost, regulatory constraints and the millstone of legacy
  • Using Cloud’s on demand, scaling and resiliency capabilities in many cases involves re engineering applications
  • It’s not appropriate for all applications to run in the cloud, due to performance, cost, incompatible technology or regulatory reasons
  • If organisations are concerned about Cloud vendor lock-in or need to run a hybrid strategy, their IT can become very complex and difficult to manage
  • IT projects struggle with some of the new technologies and slows them down, leading to excessive additional cost or even project failures

In Summary

  1. How do you manage distribution of their applications efficiently across Multi-Cloud and their own datacentres?
  2. How do you manage different environments, across multiple projects?
  3. How are dependencies managed between applications and also their shared databases, and messaging?
  4. How are costs monitored and managed?
  5. How is IT governance enforced?
  6. How do you ensure applications can run anywhere across the hybrid IT estate?

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Enterprise Management for your container workloads, Kubernetes and Cloud native environments