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Why hire DevOps contractors or consultants if you don’t need them full time?

DevOps as a Service Gives you the Expertise, When you Need it

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Expert DevOps and Automation engineers are a rarity, especially ones with significant, high-quality production-grade experience. Fortunately our award-winning and accredited staff are available to help you in the most flexible way that suits you best.

DevOps and Automation is the core of what we do. Our engineers have been winning acclaim since the early days of the cloud and continue to do so now.

As a business we are exceptionally delivery-focused and our solutions always improve quality and reduce overall costs through enhanced efficiency. Our DevOps as a Service enables you to switch-on / switch-off access to our highly-skilled, experienced engineers whenever you need them.

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What We Can Help You With

Cloud Automation & Support

  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & Others
  • Automated Environment Creation, Updates and Deletions (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, CloudFormation, ARM Templates, etc)
  • Cloud Cost Optimisation & Management
  • Team Augmentation

Kubernetes & Docker

  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployments & Maintenance
  • Kubernetes Deployment Automation / Scripting
  • Custom Resource Definition Creations
  • Kubernetes Training
  • Docker Image Creation & Modification

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Continuous Integration, Test and Delivery pipelines
  • Deployment and release management
  • Automated security testing for applications and infrastructure

Application & API Development

  • NodeJS, Python, PHP & .NET
  • Greenfield Application Development
  • Application Support & Troubleshooting
  • Team Augmentatio

Logging & Monitoring

  • Centralised Log Management Deployment & Configuration (Elastic Search, FluentD, Kibana, LogStash, etc)
  • Monitoring Tools Deployment & Configuration (Grafana, Prometheous, CloudWatch, etc)
  • 24/7 management and monitorin

Security Audit and Architecture

  • GDPR, DSS-PCI, HIPPA Compliance Audits
  • Pen Test / IT Health Check Management
  • Secrets Management
  • Architecture Reviews
  • Security Monitoring

Test Automation & Management

  • Test Case Automation (JavaScript, Ruby, Python)
  • Test Plan Creation
  • Automated security testing for applications and infrastructure
  • Team Augmentation

DevOps as a Service Over Traditional Contractors

It’s always good to have external expertise to help bolster your teams when you need it. But are contractors the right choice? We’ve listed a few points to help.

1. Do you need help for a least 3 - 6 months?

To attract the best contractor resource, organisations often need to commit to minimum contracts of at least 3 – 6 months. But what happens if you can’t or don’t want to commit for that long? Will the contractors you need commit to shorter or open ended contacts, or simply go elsewhere if they find a better deal?

2. Do you need help over a period of time or for specific tasks?

Contractors are generally paid a day rate, not on what they deliver. If there’s a gap between tasks, you need to continue paying the contractor, even if they’re still contributing to other tasks, is this good value for money?

3. Do you need help at fairly short notice?

Finding a contractor with the right skills and experience can take some time. The rarer the skills or the more in demand, the longer it takes.

4. Do you struggle to find the right resource?

There’s always the risk that you’ll need to make too much of a compromise to get ‘a’ resource not ‘the’ resource. This in turn can lead to all too common complains about task ‘drift’ things taking much longer than originally estimated or not meeting expectations.

If one of more of the above leads you to question whether a contractor is right for your resource requirement, why not give DevOps as a Service a try?

DevOps as a Service Over a Consultancy

Consultancies can provide a great option for helping organisations with medium or large pieces or work. However they often struggle with finding experienced resource for short term tasks. Is engaging with a consultancy the right choice? We’ve listed a few points to help.

1. Do the points raised about contractors also apply to consultancies?

In most cases yes. Many consultancies have resource issues too and rely on the contract market to fill the gaps. This approach can be expensive as they often layer their margin on top of the contractor cost. However, many consultancies do give you recourse if the consultant is not delivering what you need.

2. Do you need multiple resources over several months?

As with contractors, for consultancies to commit their more experienced / valuable resources it has to be worth their while. One or two resources for a short period is not attractive to them, so organisations need to pay particular attention to ensure any resources offered have the right skills and experience.

3. Do you need to use the larger consultancies to get specialist resource?

Experienced resources are rare in large consultancies as well as smaller ones. Unfortunately the reality is that unless your requirement is substantial, you’ll unlikely to get more than a few days from the experienced consultants before being handed over to the juniors. Invariably great promises are made on ‘oversight’, but they’re rarely delivered.

4. Do you want to contract for a deliverable or a resource?

More organisations have a good view of what they need done, certainly enough to write a set of requirements. Consultancies by their nature provide and advisory service, as do we. Consultancies are often reluctant to contract for deliverables, usually because they make more money from day rates for resource. But if you are already clear on what you need then would it not be more cost effective to contract for exactly that?

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Pre-Built Project Blueprints

Flexible & secure development, test and production environments, tools, pipelines and common services, ready to be configured to your exact requirements.

DevOps as a Service

Experienced expert engineers are a rarity, so only pay for what you need. Consultancy, customisation, configuration and support, all available as a service.

Pre-Built Automation

Project Blueprints delivered using automation, allowing for whole production ready environments to be built, updated or torn back down in minutes.

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Remote working is much more efficient than on site and we’re only a video call away. Proven over the last 3 years and essential in these challenging times.

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