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At Penta Technology, we are taking a fresh look at IT to explore key areas that can make significant improvements in reducing time to market, cost and quality. Much of our thinking has focussed on the differences between traditional IT and start-ups.

We believe there are 3 principle areas that have the most significant impact:

  1. Automation - Too much work is still very manual, resource intensive & error prone
  2. Overload - IT is trying to do too much, focus on what makes you unique
  3. Culture - Transformations take too long & often don’t work, start afresh

We focus on No 1. Penta Technology believe the quickest way to 50% savings is a 50% improvement in efficiency through automation.

But do we need all this automation?

IT systems have been a cottage industry for far too long, the IT industry is decades if not a century behind manufacturing, with far too much hand building of IT systems. Greater efficiency is only possible with agile methods and high levels of automation.

An analogy...

To get a new car, you have to specify up front what engine you want, the trim, equipment and colour etc. But if a car was to be provided to you by the manufacturer as a big box of thousands of parts, you could build it yourself, but the chances are you don’t have the broad ranging expertise, experience or time to do it. Practically, you would need someone to either manually build your car for you, which may have happened in the distant past or more likely today, buy from a manufacturer with a robotic production line service, which is significantly more efficient and cost effective.

Many organisations are like car manufacturers who’s manual car production has become left behind by other organisations. Modern car manufacturers are able to bring new, innovative, high quality models into the marketplace in a fraction of the cost and time compared with traditional manual manufacturing.

At Penta Technology, we have the knowhow and tools to build the IT version of car production lines. You don’t have to hire legions of expensive specialist engineers to do it all yourselves. Bespoke solutions can take many months or even years to deliver a return and you risk re-inventing the wheel. Just get in touch and take one of our pre-built highly configurable solutions and start your journey to a more efficient you!

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