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Case Study | Oplo – Delivering digital outcomes for strategic advantage

The Challenge
Oplo (previously 1st stop group) had withdrawn from the Car Finance market due to a number of hard to tackle technology and business constraints. With the NationalCovid-19 lockdown demand for motor finance was severely limited, this presented a window of opportunity to re-enter the Car Finance market and capture a share of pent-up demand.

At the time the Oplo technology team had limited capability or capacity to make the shift from systems maintenance to systems engineering and was looking for a trusted partner to provide a leadership and delivery team capable of delivering a new forward-looking architecture design and baseline implementation.

The Plan
A short discovery phase was used to understand the strategic goals and constraints. It was agreed that developing a new baseline architecture and delivering a v1.0 of this would be more valuable than attempting to patch up the previously de-commissioned systems or to engage in procurement of off-the-shelf software. Among the key strategic drivers influencing this decision was the client’s ambition to grow the organic engineering capabilities of a dynamic fintech organisation.

Penta consultants proposed the adoption of Domain-Driven Design and event-driven architecture, defining a number of business-focused domains which could be considered autonomous, and in theory, developed independently in parallel.

We then provided technical leadership for the development of each domain creating a set of domain teams that included a mix of Penta and Oplo developers.

Oplo re-launched its car finance products in June 2021, with the deployment of an MVP of what is now known as Oplo Connect, from our initial engagement to new business in less than 8 months with a cross-functional team working entirely remotely.

The Benefits

  • Our client was able to realise a key objective in a strategic but pragmatic way
  • We have built the foundations of a new solution architecture for all products and services
  • The injection of leadership and mentoring has lifted the in house change capability across all change functions
  • The new architecture and technology stack employed is attracting new hires to the Oplo tech team
  • The architecture delivered focuses on simplicity, one of the hardest things to do.

Download the full case study here

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