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Building your own automation is a big investment and can take years to see your return...
There's a Better Way:

Pre-Built Project Blueprints

Flexible & secure development, test and production environments, tools, pipelines and common services, ready to be configured to your exact requirements.
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Penta Technology Pre-Built Automation

Pre-Built Automation

Project Blueprints delivered using automation, allowing for whole production ready environments to be built, updated or torn back down in minutes.
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Cloud Support Services

Expert Cloud engineers are a rarity, especially ones with high-quality production experience. Our award-winning & accredited staff are available to help in the way that suits you best.
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DevOps as a Service

Experienced expert engineers are a rarity, so only pay for what you need. Consultancy, customisation, configuration and support, all available as a service.
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Struggling with the complexity of the Cloud, or finding it's too expensive? Penta Technology's services will help you to get control of your costs whilst still delivering your critical projects. We have delivered efficiency and cost savings of up to 50% for our customers!

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Insights From Our Team

April 24, 2020
IT Departments Can't Do Everything

A comment I hear repeatedly when talking to C-Level personnel is that ‘our IT department costs so much and delivers so little!’ Whether this is a problem for your business in particular is essentially beside the point. It’s a perception that genuinely does exist in many boardrooms, and it’s this perception that can cause issues, […]

April 18, 2020
Danger! Another Generation of Vendor Lock In

IT has been dominated by the big name companies for decades, but their grip is loosening as more and more organisation see them as restrictive and poor value for money. Those IT companies who have failed to adapt to the new more flexible, lower cost ways of working, are suffering from a declining market share. […]

February 18, 2020
DevOps Explained, Without Using the Word DevOps

We now live in an age where a single software engineer can often outperform a large traditional IT team in output, quality and business value. Some of this super-human performance is due to modern engineering processes, automation and the low-cost storage and processing power of the cloud. However, that’s just one part of the picture […]

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