Cloud and Open Source can offer you modern, flexible, low-cost IT

Choosing the correct technology is crucial to the success of your products and systems.

Our multi-cloud solutions – build once, deploy anywhere – avoid vendor lock in and enable the build of digital and IT products faster, cheaper and better.

Cloud Computing

Could your IT delivery be better?

Digital and IT departments have never been under more pressure. With constant questions from budget holders – why is IT unreliable? Why is it so expensive? Why is it so slow to deliver what we need? – it’s little wonder that IT professionals are looking for better solutions.

Our award winning team members excel in getting IT to just simply work, quickly and at lower costs. We started Penta Technology to pass on our knowledge focusing on three core areas of improvement.

The Culture of Success

Culture of Success

Enabling technologies

Enabling technologies

Change by example

Change by example


How are start-ups able to deliver great IT quickly and cheaply? Larger organisations often blame bureaucracy and heavy processes for their poor delivery but this excuse is becoming increasingly unacceptable.

How do big internet-based companies consistently deliver technical innovation, when a global bank with just as many resources can’t? These companies need to change their IT and digital practices, or risk becoming irrelevant in the digital era.

Cultural change is difficult, no matter your size, and is often resisted. To help with the struggle of change, Penta offers a kitbag of CIO or CTO Office advisory and acceleration services that have proven successful in increasing productivity in both very big, and very small companies.

Our services are complimented by our cutting-edge tool, the engineering capability of our Dev Center and our R&D labs, who work with customers to develop ground-breaking Business Automation, AI and Big Data solutions.

Would you like one platform that’s identical across all Cloud vendors and even your own datacentres? That’s what is. It provides a consistent platform and abstracts any proprietary vendor technology away from development teams.

Applications can be built once and deployed anywhere. Developers don’t need to worry about infrastructure as has already taken care of that. They can just concentrate on what they’re good at, which is cutting code.

With our Service Catalogue you can build a new datacentre in the Cloud, bring up services such as databases or deploy your latest apps, all at a click of a button.

No more hiring teams of expensive DevOps specialists - just configure and press go!

Dev Centre

How can you deliver high quality, multi-cloud apps quickly and cheaply without the uncertainty and frustrations of offshore companies?

Our Dev Centre practices what we preach: we ensure that our app developers focus on business valuable functionality, not infrastructure, tools, methods or automation. They already have everything they need from our platform, which leaves our coders free to write code, and our testers to... test!

Our application blueprints, reusable libraries and services provided by the ePaas-io service catalogue further speeds up our quality-driven delivery. Outsource your apps to us and receive high-end containerised solutions in just weeks.


The Culture of Success

Enabling technologies

Dev Centre

Change by example

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